RADIOLOGY & Medical Imaging

We have the latest medical imaging machines that offer our patients the most advanced service including high quality CT, X-Ray and ultrasound. We are open daily and appointments are not required – We accept all forms of insurance and provide assistance with all documentation.

CT Scan
Computed Tomography (CT):

We have a state of the art rapid result General Electric CT providing full body scan in minutes operated by highly qualified radiologist and staff for accurate results.
■ Head
■ Chest
■ Bones
■ Middle & inner ear
■ Abdomen & pelvis
■ Angiography

BMD Dexa Scan:

A bone mineral density (BMD) Test measures calcium levels and helps detect osteoporosis allowing the physician to diagnose and treat your disorder appropriately and risk of bone fractures.

Digital X-Ray:

An x-ray or radiograph is available in minutes as well as accurate report and diagnosis. Full body x-ray is available at any time at our digital imaging system department

Ultra Sound & Doppler:

Ultrasound imaging, high frequency sound waves from our modern and high quality devices provide detailed 2D, 3D, & 4D ultrasound imaging of the body and blood vessels which provides accurate readings to determine the sex of the embryo, deformities during pregnancy, musculoskeletal conditions where diagnoses can be made.