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Day Surgery

Day Surgery


Our same day surgery department consists of three fully functioning operating theatres with the most advanced equipment to ensure optimal results and safety of the patient. A fully staffed 4 bed recovery room provides state of the art post operative monitoring and care by highly
qualified nursing staff. ICU monitoring is also available as well as full staff of consultant anesthetists. All equipment is available for a multitude of surgeries including all plastic surgery, general surgery, GI and many others. Complete laboratory and blood bank as well as x-ray, CT , Ultrasound and BMD are all available 24 hours.


Our inpatient suites provide luxurious comfort at every level. We have 18 inpatient suites of which 8 are VIP suites each with their own en-suite bathroom. Our highly experienced registered nursing staff provide 24 hour round the clock constant care and quality service for our post-operative patients. We strive to provide the most comfortable experience for our patients as well as exceptional post op medical care.
High quality meals are provided by our catering services.


Our centre also has a complete independent GI department with separate unit for procedures and post care recovery unit. Procedures include gastric balloon insertion and removal, upper and lower endoscopy and partial or full sedation is available. Diagnosis and management of gastroesophogeal reflux, IBS, acute and chronic liver disease, benign and malignant lesions, peptic ulcer etc.