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Dr. Zhaneta MarkovaDr. Zhaneta Markova
Diagnostic Imaging consultant
Dr. Mohamed AminDr. Mohamed Amin
Gastroenterology and endoscopy specialist
Dr. Mohamed YehiaDr. Mohamed Yehia
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Rola HosnyDr. Rola Hosny
Dr. Haitham ShakerDr. Haitham Shaker
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Gennadiy SamoylenkoDr. Gennadiy Samoylenko
Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Dr. Fadi Jaber BodourDr. Fadi Jaber Bodour
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Khalid PrinceDr. Khalid Prince
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Tarek ZahraDr. Tarek Zahra
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Mohamed SabraDr. Mohamed Sabra
Dr. Nabil  AbdulfatahDr. Nabil Abdulfatah
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Hesham Al GamalDr. Hesham Al Gamal
Prof. Dr. Abla SaabProf. Dr. Abla Saab
Dr. Hazem AlsersyDr. Hazem Alsersy
B. Amira MohamedB. Amira Mohamed
Lymphatic Massage And Skin Care
Dr. Faisal Al-HerakiDr. Faisal Al-Heraki
Cosmetic And Dental Surgeon