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It is a medical unit specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility problems, which has highly qualified staff and the latest technologies. In the case of fertility problems you should visit a specialized gynecologist as infertility problems are complex and include tests which are not performed in regular gynecological offices.
Pregnancy chances are higher for women younger than 35. Women between 35 and 38 are accepted for the treatment but they will have lower pregnancy chances.
Once the egg has left the ovary it survives for approximately 48 hours and it is only during this time that it can be fertilized by the spermatozoa, which have a fertilizing power of a maximum of 72 hours. In any case, it is better not to become obsessed with controlling ovulation, as anxiety to achieve gestation is counterproductive, and can even be detrimental to the couple’s relationship.
Women can increase their chances of getting pregnant by quitting smoking, limit their caffeine intake and exercises moderately. They should also avoid being overweight or extremely underweight and taking drugs which have not been prescribed by their doctors. For men, they should avoid body building drugs, exercise moderately and quit smoking. They should also avoid exposure to high temperatures that can occur in hot baths and sauna, which can lead to temporary effects on sperm count and motility.
After a year of regular sexual intercourse with no pregnancy, you can start to suspect the presence of some kind of problem. The intercourse should obviously be totally unprotected. It is advisable to start seeing a specialist in reproduction as soon as possible if you are over the age of 35 years or you are not satisfied with the care offered by a general gynecologist or family practitioner. Please remember to get all the results of previous tests or treatment done and bring with you.
There are mainly two types of assisted conception: Intrauterine or “Artificial Insemination” and in-vitrofertilization (IVF) treatment. Any of these can be done without stimulation of the ovaries (natural) or with ovarian stimulation.